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Welcome to Verity Tax Credits, where we specialize in helping your organization identify and secure valuable tax credits and incentives. 

Our expert team prepares audit-ready final reports, including everything needed to both claim and sustain each benefit. Let us help you maximize your tax savings and increase your bottom line. 



Georgia Tax Credit Specialist

Georgia Tax Credits & Incentives

Businesses operating in the State of Georgia have numerous tax credits and incentives available to help offset the cost of retraining employees, hiring employees, or making new investments. The credits have been around a long time and have helped to shape Georgia’s image as a great place to do business.

Regular Job Tax Credits

Unleash the potential of job creation and retention, applicable to a variety of business sectors in Georgia.

Mega Job Tax Credits

For monumental business growth, explore the Mega JTC – a lucrative reward for large-scale investment and job creation.

Quality Job Tax Credits

Rewarding the creation of new, high-quality jobs in Georgia. A catalyst for state-wide economic improvement.

Opportunity Zone Job Tax Credits

Maximize tax savings by being located in a designated Opportunity Zone. Your location can unlock incredible benefits.

Military Zone Tax Credit

Supporting our heroes while growing your business. Enjoy excellent tax benefits by having a business in a designated military zone.

Less Developed Census Tract

Boost your benefits by owning a business in a Less Developed Census Tract. Because the best opportunities often lie off the beaten path.

Manufacturing Investment

Boost your manufacturing capabilities and reap the rewards. Investment in infrastructure and machinery isn’t just good for your business, it’s great for your tax situation. Let’s transform your investments into tax advantages.

Port Tax Credit

Amplify your savings by boosting your imports or exports through Georgia’s ports. A bonus that stacks with either the Job Tax Credit or Investment Tax Credit, this unique incentive rewards your trade growth with tax advantages. Let’s sail towards financial optimization together.

South Carolina Tax Credits and Incentives

With a number of different performance-based tax incentives available, businesses are benefiting by creating jobs, expanding operations, and investing in South Carolina. The tax credits can be used to offset income tax , premiums tax,  and in some cases withholding tax payments.

New Jobs Tax Credits

$1,500 – $8,000 per new job based on the county tier of the new facility. Tiers 1,2&3 are limited by industry. Special rules apply if a business adds 25-175 new jobs that pay above a minimum job wage.

Investing In Property Tax Credits

South Carolina Code §12-14-60 allows a taxpayer a credit against income taxes for qualified manufacturing and productive equipment properties placed in service during the taxable year in South Carolina.

Port Volume Increase Tax Credit

South Carolina provides an income tax credit or withholding tax credit to eligible businesses who have 75 or more net tons of non-containerized cargo, 385 cubic meters, or 10 loaded TEUs transported through a South Carolina port facility for their base year, and then must increase their port cargo volume by 50% over the base-year totals.

Mississippi Tax Credits & Incentives

The state offers a number of income tax incentives for companies creating jobs and making corporate investments. Top programs include the Mississippi Jobs Tax Credit, the Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit, and the Rural Economic Development Income Tax Credit.

Jobs Tax Credits

Businesses must create and maintain 10-20 net new jobs as required based on the development ranking of the county (Tier 1-3). Value is 2.5%, 5%, or 10% of payroll expense.

Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit

The credit is calculated as 5 percent of the eligible project investment and is allowed for the year that the investment occurs. The tax credit allowed on any project cannot exceed $1,000,000.

Why Do Countless CPA’s Choose Verity?

We’re the Experts at Identifying Unused and Overlooked Georgia Job Tax Credits

Many small businesses in Georgia leave money on the table by overlooking valuable tax credits and incentives. Verity has the expertise to help your clients tap into these opportunities, resulting in monetized tax benefits and significant reductions in their tax liabilities. From job creation to rural development, our deep knowledge of Georgia job tax credits enables us to assist companies in maximizing their tax benefits, effectively contributing to the growth of the Georgia economy.

What Verity Delivers

Memos -Each report builds a solid qualification case and addresses statutory requirements like qualification methodologies, tax aggregation and attribution, interaction with other incentives, and qualified wages.

Qualifications Summaries -Supportable overviews that show exactly how your organization qualifies for the credit.

Qualified Wage Details - Quarterly breakdown of wage information by employee.

PPP Details (If Applicable) -Detail showing employee wages that were paid using PPP funds.

Government Orders - Location-specific orders and restrictions that negatively impacted operations during COVID-19.

Tax Credit Numbers - Accurate and supportable numbers which allow an organization to confidently claim the tax credits that they are eligible for.

What Other Companies Deliver

Memos - Our Research Team builds a solid qualification case for every client. They build timelines and arguments to prove your qualification for the ERTC.

Qualifications Summaries - Exactly how you qualify clearly laid out just as the IRS likes to see.

Qualified Wage Details - Breakdown of information on payroll by employee per quarter

PPP Details (If Applicable) - Detail showing wages that were paid using PPP Funds.

Government Orders - Location-specific Government Orders that negatively impacted your business during COVID-19.

Tax Credit Numbers -Numbers without the underlying documentation and support necessary to claim credits confidently.

Gourmet Advisory Services

I have and will continue to give Verity every referral I can. Jeremiah is such a pleasant, polished professional. The results were better than we imagined. Verity is the team to go with every time.

Lori Bluberg

Westminster Presbyterian Church

“Working with the Verity team was efficient.  They were clear on what they needed and how the data needed to be configured so they could work with it.  All on the team were extremely pleasant and professional. Our positive results speaks for itself!”

Terry Monahan, Business Administrator

Pennsylvania Mineral Services

“I was very happy with the work of VERITY. They were very efficient in getting our company tax credits that were higher than my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone.” 

Jack Pisarcik, Owner


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