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Businesses operating in the State of Georgia have numerous incentives available to help offset the cost of retraining employees, hiring employees, or making new investments. The credits have been around a long time and have helped to shape Georgia’s image as a great place to do business. 

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Georgia Job Tax Credit

The Georgia Job Tax Credit program is for businesses in Georgia, offering credits ranging from $1,250 to $4,000 per year for 5 years for every new job created. The value of the credit depends on the location of the job, with counties having higher levels of economic distress (Tier 1 counties) earning higher credits.

Georgia Job Tax Credit Program Overview


Credit Types

  • Income Tax
  • Withholding Payments (certain special designations) 

Credit Amount

  • Tier 1 – $3,500 per job
  • Tier 2 – $2,500 per job
  • Tier 3 – $ 1,250 per job
  • Tier 4 – $750 per job

Special Designations

  • Tier 1 (bottom 40 county) – $3,500 per job and no industry requirement
  • Less Developed Census Tracts – $3,500 per job
  • Economically Distressed Area – $3,500 per job
  • Opportunity Zones – $3,500 per job
  • Military Zones – $3,500 per job


  • Joint Development Authority Bonus – $500 per job
  • Port Trafic Bonus – $1,250 per job


  • Minimum increases range from 2-25 jobs based on tier/designation.
  • Full-time employees only
  • Employer must offer Health Benefits
  • Transfers are ineligible
  • Subject to Georgia Withholding


  • Claimed for 5 years if jobs are maintained
  • Unused credit can be carried forward for 10 years

Eligible Industry

Location based special designations do not require industry limitations

Establishments primarily engaged in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting
  • Research and Development
  • Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
  • Data Processing
    – Insurance Administration
    – Pension Fun Administration
    – Automated Clearinghouses
    – Computer Systems Design & Service
    – Producing Computer Software
    – Payroll Services
    – Financial Transactions
    – Call Center Services
  • Tourism
    – Traveler Accommodation
    – Recreational Vehicles
    – Convention Centers
    – Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports
    – Recreational and Vacation Camp
    – Resort Golf Courses and Country Clubs
    – Sports Teams and Clubs
    – Racetracks
    – Amusement and Theme Parks
    – Tour Operations
    – Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation
    – Hunting and Trapping
    – Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institution


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